Monday: Exploration, plants, sunshine!

30 05 2011

I have been inspired. By the sunshine and all the plants growing. By how big my boys are. The amount they BOTH are talking. Kurt is starting to really explore and be interested. YAY! Found an amazing website called 5 Orange Potatoes. Our town is overrun with dandelions every summer, people spend most of the summer pulling, mowing and spraying these. Until this year I’ve also had a hate for them and let my inlaws spray for two years… I KNOW! anyways. This year I decided to embrace the Dandelion. I am astounded at the information and recipes I’ve found. They are wonderful for you, and to think so many of them growing anywhere I look!

So, after naptime me and the boys are going across to a public field where there are GAZILLIONS of Dandelions and we are going to gather HUNDREDS to make Dandelion Syrup and maybe even Dandelion Cookies!

I am so in love with medicinal plants. So I am a little late with my plans to build and try to grow some, but I’ll try and I’ll definitely be more prepared for next summer! I plan on using scraps of wood we have around our yard and also salvaging some pallets from around town to make a whole bunch of raised garden beds.

I wish my house would stay clean so I had more time. That being said, getting off the computer and going outside!





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