Monday: Trying to be present….

20 06 2011

I always have goals. To start eating better, exercise more, be more patient with my kids, be more loving to my husband. I’m always stuck in the planning stages, thinking of the end result, writing my never ending lists. But I rarely act in that moment, putting action into who I want to be.

I’ve found the easiest way to be in the moment and take action, to find the drive to be who I want to be everyday, is when I’m present and active with my kids. They show me how easy it is to be happy and how a couple minutes here and a couple minutes there helps you hear your own rhythms in the day.

So today I’m going to stay present with my kids, and see the times where something I can do for myself pops up. When I can sneak 20 min on the treadmill. Or lay down with Kurt and cuddle. Read a bit from a book. Play a chasing game with both of them.

I’m sick of just getting through today. I want to live. 🙂