Who is GreenMumma?

The last few days I’ve found and been reading some amazing blogs. Inspirational, informative, soul lifting! So I thought I’d get my ‘world’ out there.

Green – My quest to go green started when my oldest son was a couple of months old. Severe eczema, allergies to EVERYTHING. It was a very hard time for our family. New parents with a ‘sick’ kid. He did well though, calm and happy. One day I found a book by a company called Method. It was all about the ‘dirty’ things in your home. The chemicals, VOC’s, phlates, parabens. Things I had never heard of. But they called to me. They gave me a purpose, something that could help my son. So the journey started. I gave away all my cosmetics and cleaning products and the  GREEN me was born.

Mumma. My oldest monkey has turned plain old Mum into Mumma.

So here I am GreenMumma. On my way to trying to be a better, patient, non-yelling, parent.  As well as trying to save the planet, one little baby step at a time!

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