Random: A crafty idea…

2 03 2011

We’ve started to take crafts seriously in our house. I think maybe it has to do with me wanting to be more creative and in turn help my kids be more creative. I also think it has A LOT to do with the fact that Kurt is interested in sitting and doing them. 🙂 So we turned out linen cupboard into our craft closet so we have a place for anything and everything creative!

Painting is our favorite, its messy and instant!  Not like the silly bug craft we tried to do, the glue wouldn’t stick and I may or may not have turned into super control freak, dead set on finishing the project.

Keenin is 11 months… so he’ still little. But not so little that he doesn’t need to be involved! He tip toes and tries to reach his brother’s stuff on the table… so he sits in his high chair and watches us paint. But again.. he’s not so little that he doesn’t feel the need to be included.

I tried giving him a paint brush with some paint – he chewed it ( its non toxic right?!)

I tried giving him markers – he chewed them.

I tried giving him crayons – he chewed them.

So I breathed out and thought…. do I let him eat the non-toxic coloring utensils? I really preferred not to… And then brilliance struck me!

I handed him a paint brush and a cup of water as well as an orange piece of paper. He started coping his brother, dip, dip and then rubbing it on the paper… voila! It looked like he was painting, but then it would dry and he could do it again. His fascination with dipping didn’t stop, but the painting did. But I didn’t feel guilty for letting him dip, dip, chew.

So there you go a crafty idea for the little one that NEEDS to be involved but still chews everything. Water painting! 🙂

Not gonna lie, it did end in tears when he desperately wanted to try the paints and mom wouldn’t let him chew on it after it had been dipped in paint.. but hey its a start!





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