Foodie Friday: A bit about food and more about life…

11 02 2011

Chicken soup! Which I think was in a previous Foodie Friday. I love making it. From memory of a google search I did on how to… then tweaked to what ingredients I have and what I think tastes good.  It’s just refreshing to eat real food.

As for life… I’m feeling disjointed. We got our cat Stella a couple of weeks ago, but my oldest Kurt is so allergic to her that it’s now to the point that is cruel to him to keep her. And it’s breaking my heart 😦 I took her in with the thought that she was now part of our family and would be for many years and it tears at my heart strings that I have to take her back to the SPCA and hope that she find another family. She is an amazing patient, loving, playful cat. She’s perfect. My kids love her. My husband loves her. I love her.

I contacted a homeschooling group in hopes of finding my ‘tribe’ or at least starting to. The lady was helpful, she told me she would speak to the others about contacting me and sharing some wisdom. But then it seemed to just come down to ok we have meetings on this day and if you want to sign up its $20. It left me feeling like it was just another aspect of this town. Money. Instead of feeling that it could be a very organic community… I’m not sure. I guess the best thing would to stop trying to read between the lines of an email and actually go meet them and seek some connections. I just wish it was easier. Which is funny, because I know how outside the box most of what I want to implement in my life is. But I still wish there was a ready made community with mentors I could meet and speak with. Have their children play with mine. SEE how it’s done. Instead its winter. Bloody winter and I’m stuck inside with nothing to do that doesn’t cost money. Except for the library or sittign in someone elses house. I’m missing New Zealand like mad. I just want to be outside. I want my kids to be barefoot, to be with other kids. Big groups of us adults and children togehter, without the structure. arg.

I’m feeling alone.




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