Thinking Thursday: What we do to be ‘GREEN’….

3 02 2011

I’ve decided that I should attempt to live up to my blogs title and maybe give some background on what we do as a family to be GREEN.  I grew up with Captain Planet and always felt guilty throwing things out the car window… didn’t exactly always stop me from doing it, but I had the guilt ingrained!

I honestly didn’t think much about the environment until Kurt had extreme eczema and we had no clue (including DR’s) how to fix it. It was a long process and along the way I found out about chemicals, parabens, VOC’s and other nasties that are around us everyday. So I packed up all our chemicals, all my makeup and hair products and gave them away. I now clean my house with mostly vinegar and baking soda, I still use dishwasher tablets and  dish soap and laundry detergent for some things. But I always buy from companies that are trying to make things better, no ammonia or phosphates. Companies like Method, Seventh Generation,  J/A/S/O/N. Companies still make compromises, even ‘organic,green,natural’ companies. So I’m always reading labels – I have a nifty iPhone app that helps determine whats good or bad. I read almost any book with the work ‘green’ in the title.

At home, we try to recycle (i get lazy sometimes). Use cloth diapers, cloth wipes, cloth pads and me and Kurt use cloth toilet paper. I turn off lights every time I leave a room. Which is actually a habit formed when I lived in New Zealand – electricity was so expensive! It made a huge difference to turn off lights and unplug appliances. In fact all the outlets had a little switch on them, so you could turn them off. I really wish they had that here…. Anyways. What else do we do? I don’t spray our lawns with chemicals. I try to take shorter showers. We have dual flush toilets. I try to only buy organic or local or organic AND local fruit and vegetables. The really easy things you see in any “how to be green” list.

This year I plan on trying to not buy new. Try not to buy much at all. It’s hard, there is always something you want or think you need. I’m going to try to only buy second hand clothes for the boys. Try to lose weight so I can fit into my pile of skinny clothes, so I don’t have to buy anything ;). Little things. I try to only buy or use organic makeup, which is hard, because of price. I only use organic toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and deodorant (no excuses!) I also managed to switch my husband over to organic deodorant and toothpaste too!

So yeah, thats our little start of being green as a family. There is so much more to do! But I have to remind myself, one step at a time!

Oh and I never buy bottled water anymore! NEVER! so bad. supporting the privatization of a natural resources that is already becoming scarce is STUPID! So curse you bottled water drinkers! Turn on your tap and be incredibly grateful you can do that ! (ok, I’m done ranting!)







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