Cooking :)

2 01 2011

I’ve been cooking again. I forgot how much I truly enjoy creating new things that I never thought I could do. Yes I’ll admit most of my recipes need tweaking and taste more healthy than good… but it’s a start and I know in 5 years when my kids are old enough to remember what my food tastes like and give opinions I’ll be pretty good by then. I made chicken soup and biscuits. The chicken soup turned out amazing, although me and my husband both agreed it needed way more salt, but I think that’s just a product of eating too much store-bought soup. My biscuits tasted like flour, but I think that is just because I used generic Safeway “organic” whole wheat flour. Next time I’ll use Red Mill’s pasty whole wheat flour.  I also attempted crackers I found on LK Sister’s Vegan Food Haven. Again, the flour needs adjusting. But I feel good. Inspired. This week is all about setting the routines I want to follow for the New Year. Naps, meals, Bed times, house cleaning…. we’ll see how it goes. My stress gets the best of me a lot. Moment by moment. breathe.

ugh, sometimes it’s hard.




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