Monday Musings : Mindfulness and Being Sick

20 12 2010

I had the (un)fortunate opportunity to be sick this weekend, with the rest of my family. I also started reading a book called Wonder Child by Peter Lorie. I found it in a pile of books given to me by my MIL. These two things together have helped me find the kind of mindfulness or at least awareness I’ve been seeking. I try to be in the moment, and I know it will take a lot of practice, but I was craving to know what it felt like to  BE completely in the moment. In comes being sick…. When I am truly sick my mind goes into a sort of fog. I am unable to concentrate on very much. In fact I’m unable to think much past the present moment. I’ve always felt that way when I get sick but never realized what treat it is, to only concentrate on RIGHT NOW. Combine that with reading a book about children and how to feel like a child again, I’ve come to appreciate being sick! I kept my mind open and playful, watching my sons playing, coughing, crying. Letting myself feel ‘feelings’ of being a kid again. A little indescribable but amazing! I felt joy in the simplest activities that we do everyday. Without my  mind constantly churning on ideas and plans, it was so nice to just be. I even had a small epiphany, that I have been so bogged down with life stresses, ‘being an adult’, that I forgot to enjoy myself. I mean really, I get to stay home everyday, why not make it fun and enjoy it as if I were a child again? The house will always need cleaning, we will always need more money. Me stressing and worrying about these things doesn’t change them or make them go away. It just fills up my mind with unnecessary thoughts.

This then got me thinking back to how when I lived in New Zealand, life felt simple and vivid. I LIVED everyday. I have an inkling as to why now. It was new, everything was a discovery. Everyday brought new activities and thoughts. The social dynamic is so much different down there compared to Canada. In small almost indescribable ways. I definitely miss it. But that was why I found living there so exciting. I was a kid again, in almost every sense. So the challenge now is to try to bring that here, to my new/old home in Canada. How to find that head space, to make everyday NEW again….

 I haven’t finished reading Wonder Child, but I plan to, and then leave it on the coffee table to be reminded about the games and ways to think and interact with my children, to keep their wonder and magic alive in their lives. They don’t need to be adults for a loooong time. So I’m going to stop demanding that they grow up, follow the rules and do what they are told.

It seems so funny to be told thoughts that already seemed to be in your head, you just needed reminding…

I feel very excited on this new path of thought and discovery I’ve found. Amazing to think that without leaving my home I’ve expanded my mind in ways I never thought about a month or two ago.

I’m very thankful that when I need things, they arrive in my hands.





One response

24 01 2011
Stacy (Mama-Om)

Sounds like a wonderful day! 🙂

I’ll have to look into that book.

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