Monday Musings : The Mumma Funk

13 12 2010

No, it’s not the latest music fad. It’s that Mumma Funk that I sometimes get into. The unmotivated, bored, why did I have children again? Funk. It makes the cleaning stop and the tv come on and the days slide by. Maybe no one else goes through it. But I sure know I do. I have been in a bad funk since winter started. Trapped in doors not able to go for the walks that kept the funk at bay during the summer.

So my husband has been helping when he gets home. He’s been understanding, not resentful.  This has given me time in the evenings to try to press the reset button and try again the next day.  So today we are going to the Library for some reading time, and then having a friend over for Kurt (2yrs).

I need to ‘muse’ more on why this funk appears and how to get out of it….

But onwards with the day.





2 responses

17 12 2010
Stacy (mama-om)

I’ve been catching up with your blog and have a bunch of posts I want to comment on…

For this one, I just wanted to say that I have the Momma Funk, too! Totally, completely. It took me a long time to realize I had it, then to realize what it was, and I am just now beginning to be able to more actively manage it (see it coming, understand why it came, etc.).

Just noticing that you have it is a huge step, in my mind. Keep noticing, and you will find the information you need about it.

Plus, I’ve just now realized the ages of your kids… and I have to say that you are so in the thick of things with kids those ages. At least I was. Please remember to take it easy on yourself, and find the things that fill you up (really fill you up) and do them as much as you can, knowing that as time goes on you will be able to do them more often.


18 12 2010

Thanks for reading! And I do know that I forget this is only a small stage in their lives and that the older they get, the little bit easier the communitcation will flow. Yes the Mumma Funk is tiresome, I’ve decided to carve sometime out for myself every evening after the kids go to bed. I stay upstairs, while hubby goes down, and some yoga and then sit quietly and journal whatever comes to mind. It helped tremendously last night!

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