Foodie Friday: A look into our kitchen

10 12 2010

Just a small look into our kitchen the last week. Haven’t tried anything new. Mostly incorporating as much vegetables in to every meal as I can stand. (I’m not a huge veggie fan).

In my funk that I found myself in the last few months. I wasn’t cooking nearly as much as I should or could. I forgot how much I missed the colours, smells and feeling of achievement at feeding my family yummy, healthy food.

Which leads me to another thought on ego. And the constant ‘keeping score’. Whether I’m a good wife/mother for feeding them. Or a bad mummywife for ordering in pizza. A lot of things that the ego encompasses. hmm….

Yummy garlic to add to our cottage pie. Some orange peels, coffee beans, cinnamon and clove to smell x-massy. Roasted veggies. mmmm.




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