Time Out Tuesday: Our first…

7 12 2010

So our first Time Out Tuesday was a success… sort of? I completely forgot it was Tuesday, plunked the kids in front of a movie so I could have a shower. Then my lightbulb went off. So we turned everything off and I put my iPhone  in the back of the closet so I wouldn’t be tempted. I have to say we did pretty well. From 9am to 3pm we didn’t do anything with buttons or a screen. Next week I want to do the WHOLE day. But it was a start.

And I enjoyed it. Kurt (2yrs) and I hung out all day, I read some of my book while he sat on me and drew on a white erase board. We played on the floor, we ate food. It was great. Finding entertainment in normal day to day things. I forgot. The tv and iPhone and DS and computer has dominated our lives, increasingly so in the last few months. It was nice to take a breather.

So tomorrow, Not TV first thing, no computer. just us and being together. see how the day goes. I won’t punish myself if we need a break and just veg out. that’s ok too.

I’m practicing being kind to myself as well.

Feeding Keenin (8mos) tonight, I practiced mindfulness. And it worked. I faked it until I felt it. Then I was almost completely absorbed in the moment of feeding and laughing and mimicking each other.

Onto another day with my family on our path to a new life.  A happy moment to moment life.




2 responses

18 12 2010
Stacy (mama-om)

I’ve been thinking more and more about this idea. I do know that using the computer before breakfast usually sets us up for a much more agitated/chaotic day.

18 12 2010

For us it depends on the day. I’m not a morning person, so if I can have my alone time to wake up while the kids play and watch tv.. it sometimes helps the day go better. I’m starting to learn to not hold myself up to expectations and just doing what works. 🙂 I’m starting to really like Tuesdays though and how to plan to keep us entertained.

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