Oh you’re here!

4 12 2010

So welcome to my blog.  This is where I want to share information that I’ve found about parenting, being green, anything. Things that have inspired me. Ideas that I want to be accountable for. This is my personal challenge to change my family and the way we live.

I’ve been going ‘green‘ for about two years. Slowly, sometimes taking huge steps backwards ( like when I didn’t recycle for a year).  I have stacks of books with the word ‘green’ in the title. So I want to share what  I know, what I want to know, what I’m doing, what I want to do.

Being a Mum. At this point with two boys under 3. I would say my time as a Mum is .. ok? I want to say FAIL. But they aren’t dead… I yell a lot. A LOT ! It’s something I don’t want to do anymore. So the Mum side of this blog will be my honest experience, failures, mistakes, trials. Because I am looking for inspiration and HELP from people like you 😉

I’ve broken this place up into days, to help with writing and to challenge myself. Monday’s will just be thoughts and ho-hums of the day to day being a mum, being green. Tuesdays is a fun challenge I made up for myself. To turn everything off for a whole day, and see what happens. Wednesday’s are for pictures (I love taking them). Thursdays are for being thankful, for now.. I might change that ( Not that I’m not thankful!!). Fridays, I love food,. Not an overly great cook or baker. I like doing it. But what I want to do is challenge myself and my family to eat better. Experiment. Maybe only eat veggies… or fruit, or something! Hahaha.

So stay tuned. It’s going to be very exciting   a work  in progress just like me.

Green Mumma




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