4 12 2010

I wanted to add a couple of blogs that have inspired me and that I’ve been reading and reading and reading!

Rosie’s Dreams – I love her voice, the love and patience she has with her children.

The New Old School – amazing tips and things to think about. On my journey into greenness I’ve come to find that walking away from convenience is a challenge worth taking!

Progressive Pioneer – she has amazing crafty ideas that I love to look at and maybe even attempt! 

Mama Om – I only just found this blog but cannot wait to sit down and devour it.  

Penniless Parenting – this is where I started reading about ‘family cloth’ and started challenging myself not to ‘want’ all the time. Frugal is a new word to me. Not that I have lots of money. We are just shoppers. Wal-Mart… is sometimes a weekend outing  ( I’m working on it!) This should give you some wonderful reading and give you  a taste of how my brain works 😀

See you on Monday for some musings….




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